Setting the console Video Mode higher than ModeX

Setting the console Video Mode higher than ModeX

Post by Extrema Typ » Wed, 10 Jun 1998 04:00:00


            I own a Trident TGUI9440 AGI, 1 Mb of RAM, without RAMDAC,
and I'm using Linux kernel: 2.0.29.  I want to force my 'libvga.config'
using a video mode for SVGALIB higher than 320 x 200 x 8 bits...
I tried every possible ways...  (I can get to 800x600x8bits in

            I set everything to default in libvga.config coz, if I don't
and try /lib/svgalib/vgatest all the other video modes don't work at

            Thanks.  I'm getting desperate...
            Extrema Type  /   DataSurge
            The Left Rail  /
            wak up, Open your Eyes, and SCREAM !


1. higher video modes for text consoles

If you are using LILO to boot the kernel, add the following to your
lilo.conf and reinstall lilo:


This will make LILO ask you what video mode you want, and will give you a
list of possible modes. When you find the one you like most, put it in
lilo.conf just like above. I have a 17" monitor, and I like 80x50 text best.
This mode can be called by vga=extended.

Good luck,

Vladimir Sinitsyn

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