ABIT Hot Rod 100 RAID controller problem

ABIT Hot Rod 100 RAID controller problem

Post by Petr Woznia » Thu, 28 Dec 2000 03:45:53

I would like to install Red Hat 6.2 (CD distribution) to one disk connected
to Hot Rod 100, implies I don't want to use RAID (in my opinion RAID is not
implemented in high point 370 chip but in windows drivers). I am  able to
install nothing due to the fact the install program after boot from CD
cannot find the disk connected to Hot Rod. I am not experienced Linux user
but I suppose I should load some  Linux Hot Rod driver from the diskette
(similar like in NT or W2k installation) and I would like to find such
driver. Am I correct in my opinion? If I am correct, I will be very glad if
anybody could help me to find such driver and solve this problem.

Many thanks in advance



1. ABIT Hot Rod 100 IDE RAID adapter and Linux?

Anyone familiar with this ABIT product or any other ABIT product?  Their
site (www.abit-usa.com) states that this device is supported by Linux, but
the manual doesn't mention Linux, only Win9x and NT.  Anyone using one of
these in a Linux box?  I've heard that ABIT makes quite good stuff, and this
board supports RAID0, RAID1, and RAID10 with up to 4 IDE drives, and is less
than $40, so it's very attractive.  Please post or email!


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