Leadtek WinFast S430(S3 968)

Leadtek WinFast S430(S3 968)

Post by Small Keu » Sun, 04 Aug 1996 04:00:00

I intend to buy the svga card Leadtek WinFast S430(S3 968).
Have anyone used it?
What about the performance? What version of XFree86?


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1. Leadtek Winfast S430 (S3-968)

Hello gurus,

I have (of course) a problem for setting up my video card with
XFree3.1.2 (not the latest beta release, but the one distributed
with slackware 3.0). The card is a Winfast S430 on PCI.  It is
built on a S3-968 chipset, and the manufacturer is LeadTek (cannot
find their WWW address).

When I use the settings discovered by SuperProbe (968, normal DAC,
nothing about Clock Chip), I have the problem that the clocks mode
are not correct : They are 25.175, then 28.4, then the 28.4 is
repeated.  I didn't believe that the card runs only at these two

I first tried the options "no_linear" and "nomemaccess", but no

By visual inspection, I determined this :
- There is a RAMDAC called "Bt485" running at a speed of 135.
- The chipset is really a S3-968.
- There is a 14.318 quartz, but no chip whose number looks like one
  of the Clock Generator listed in the README.S3 file.

So I tried the line 'Ramdac "Bt485"', and it is a little better :
I have the 640x480 mode that runs correctly.  But this is the
only mode, the others give an awful screen.

I also tried to tell that I have a programmable clock by setting
ClockChip to "s3gen***" (don't remember the end).  It worked a
little better, but the screen is kindof fuzzy.

So the questions are :

- Does anyone have this card ?  Does it work ?
- Is there a clock generator on it ?  A default one (comprised in
  the 968 or in the Bt486, perhaps) ?
- How can I find the dot clocks when it is programmable ?  They
  are not displayed, so I cannot tune my "Monitor" section.

Sorry for being so long, and thanks in advance !




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