Bad Vendor experience "Technology Distribution Network Inc"

Bad Vendor experience "Technology Distribution Network Inc"

Post by Jason Venn » Sun, 19 Feb 1995 04:03:30

I bought a Dx4-100 Vesa mother board from them.

I installed it and it kinda worked. It would crash under load.

I spend time on the phone with them, nothing made any difference.
[Tech support was helpful and friendly and fast]

Finally the tech (mark) told me to call the MB maker in San Jose.

After working with them for a while, it was discovered that the CPU was bad.

So I called TDN back and they didn't want to belive the cpu was bad.

They were willing to exchange it, if I sent the old one back first, or sell me
a new one and credit me for the old one when it came back.

What they wern't willing to do was pay for shipping on the defective

In conclusion, I won't buy from TDN again.