Problem with ISDN Terminal Adapter - PCMCIA ISDN card available?

Problem with ISDN Terminal Adapter - PCMCIA ISDN card available?

Post by Hann » Fri, 02 Nov 2001 04:12:07

Hi all

Since I didn't get my Terminal Adapter DeTeWe TA 33 USB to work with
wvdial, although I did a significant amount of fiddling, including
trying to get the pertinent INIT strings from Windows 98, I'd like to
know if anybody can suggest PCMCIA-ISDN-cards that I can use with my
SuSE linux?




1. How do I use Sun ISDN as an ISDN Terminal Adaptor ?

I have a SPARCStation LX (which has ISDN on the motherboard) and
the Sun ISDN package which allows you to configure PPP for ISDN.

I need to connect to a remote site which has an ISDN modem.  Can I
use the Sun ISDN software to configure my ISDN hardware to work just
like an ISDN modem (TA), or do I need to get some third party software?
I don't think that I can use the Sun ISDN software as I need to enter
dynamic passwords and then start the PPP daemon on the remote machine




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