RH5.2 installation problem

RH5.2 installation problem

Post by B.J. Mo » Wed, 24 Feb 1999 04:00:00

Ok, while I wait for my ticket from Redhat...

Running the install from the CD, before the install, my computer shuts
down. I'm guessing it's after it formats my partitions... it gets as
far as "making ext2 on /dev/hda6".  Any ideas?  Do I have a funky
power management problem?
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1. pls help: Strange RH5.0 installation problem

Hi there,

I'm installing RH 5.0 on an XL266 (I use the updated XL kernel and milo
mentioned previously in this list).  Everything works properly, except that
the "sed" rpm installation fails.  Then some other rpms can't be installed
neither, including the RPM rpm.  At the end of the installation, I was prompted
to put in the boot floppy, which can't be mounted with "invalid option" error.
The installation process prompts for boot floppy repeatedly and the
installation goes into a loop.  I tried several times with different sources
(either ftp.redhat.com or mirror sites nearby) but same error results.

Would anyone please help ?
Thank you very much !!



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