corrupt file system

corrupt file system

Post by nothing.. » Sat, 26 Jan 2002 14:39:14


 I've got an ext2 filesystem on /dev/hda7  (/home)
and it reports errors when I try to mount it.
I get "Duplicate or bad blocks in use"
the on pass 1B of fsck it says that
inodes 65582 and 65536 are either
bad or duplicate.

 I can get into the system by not automatically
mounting /home, then I manually mount it
and it says:
"ext2_check_blocks_bitmap: Block #8 of
inode table in group 107 is marked free"

and similarly for block #16 in group 110.

Then it happily mounts /home and let's me in.

What's the problem? Do I need to remake the fs?
Is my disk going bad? I'd like to fix it without
having to back up my entire /home.




1. corrupted file system: /etc directory overwritten by plain file

Yesterday, while working at home with X, Linux kernel version 1.1.59,
suddenly my rxvt terminal froze. Opened another terminal, said
 su root -
and the system replied:
 user root unknown

It turned out that the /etc directory was overwritten by a file
containing a plain text headerless mail message from cron to root.

After recovering the /etc tree ran a fschk: lots of loose Inodes-> put
them in lost+found. Contained the files from my gone /etc directory.

Can somebody explain what happened, and whether or not I can expect
this to happen again? (In which case I must regretfully go looking for
another OS. Has anybody seen Bill tweaking the code?)

I have changed to kernal revision 1.2.8, hoping that this is a bug
fixed by know.

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