Promise Fastrak-66 RAID Card beta Drivers available!!

Promise Fastrak-66 RAID Card beta Drivers available!!

Post by Mathe » Tue, 16 May 2000 04:00:00

They are not on the promise web site, but if you go there )
and send an email off to tech support, you'll find there is a beta for
 RedHat 6.0, and RedHat 6.1

Mathew Frank


1. ATA RAID with Promise Fastrak 100TX2: Querying the RAID state

Dear Linux users

I'm using SuSE Linux 8.0 Professional and a Promise Fastrak 100TX2 IDE RAID
controller on my server, where the "pdcraid" and "ataraid" kernel drivers
have been loaded.

I'd like to implement a simple RAID watching job which sends me a mail or
SMS when a disk fails. With software RAID, I typically would implement
something like this one:

# sheduled job
if ! diff /proc/mdstat /usr/local/mdstat_should.txt >/dev/null

Dear Sysop

A disk in your RAID volume is failed. Please replace the damaged disk
as soon as possible.

=> "crontab -e" and shedule it e.g. every 3 hour, i.e. I compare the
/proc/mdstat with a reference state and in case of difference, I produce an
alert (e-mail in this case; it also could be a "yaps"/"smsclient" sent SMS
to a cellphone, of course) when something differs. Of course,
mdstat_should.txt has been created once during Linux installation with a
command like

cp /proc/mdstat /usr/local/mdstat_should.txt

Question: Does anybody know something like /proc/mdstat in the Promise
kernel driver for querying the current RAID state? How can I differ betwenn
everything ok and a failure situation?

Any hints are appreciated. :-)


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