Reveal SC500 ("Sound FX Wave") CD-ROM controller?

Reveal SC500 ("Sound FX Wave") CD-ROM controller?

Post by Animesh Kar » Sat, 22 Apr 1995 04:00:00

I have a Sony CD-ROM drive hooked up to a Reveal SC500 sound card (note
that this is the "Sound FX Wave", not the "Sound FX Wave32").  The
Sony is compatible with Linux, but I don't know about the Reveal.  One of
things about the Reveal is that it has a special device driver load that
activates the CD-ROM controller (the device driver doesn't stay resident,
it just configures the CD-ROM controller so that the Sony device driver
(and, subsequently, MSCDEX) can recognize it.

Naturally, this device driver is DOS, not Linux. :-(

Does anyone know if this setup will work with Linux (i.e., do drivers
exist?)?  I heard that someone got Linux to work with a Reveal SC400:
assuming the CD-ROM is similar (heh heh heh), is this part of the
distribution, or will I need to recompile the kernel (yucky icky yucky)?



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