DVD-ROM drive support?

DVD-ROM drive support?

Post by Jeffery Fleische » Mon, 12 Oct 1998 04:00:00

Yes, they are.  At least on my Redhat 5.0 Box.

>I noticed that the hardware compatibility lists say that DVD drives are not
>supported (redhat's specifically states that they aren't). But are they
>supported as *CD* drives?


1. DVD-ROM drive support ?

I'm helping someone determine what components in his planned system are
supported by Linux. He's fine with everything except for a DVD-ROM
drive. Here's his original post:

"The drive is a Toshiba drive and the decoder board is from STB and uses
a media processor developed by Chromatic Research.
I don't  really except this to be supported as DVD drive I just want to
that it wont create any problems when using it as a CDrom drive."

Can anyone tell me if he can use this drive as he hopes to ?

== Dave Phillips


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