E-IDE CD-ROM Drive and I/O Error

E-IDE CD-ROM Drive and I/O Error

Post by Min Je » Thu, 18 May 1995 04:00:00

I have a LG 4x E-IDE Cd-Rom Drive(GS R540B) and Slakware 2.2.0(Linux Kernel 1.2.3)
was installed.
When I'm trying to copy from cdrom , the messages 'I/O error' are displayed.
But the other commands 'ls , vi ...' on the cdrom are well doing. Not just
copy commands are doing. Only copy commnad of one or small size files are
well doing.
My cdrom drive is connected at secondory ide port, so device is '/dev/hd1a'.
Is this correct ?
Please informs to me....

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we have to setup OSE 5 on a Toshiba Notebook CDT 410. I had asked in
this group if it is possible and someone answered that there will be
no problem.

But now there is a problem:
The System has a 1.2 MB HD and the build in Toshiba CD-ROM. I am using the
Release Supplement Disk with ATAPI which was included to our distribution.
Then I follow the steps described in the Release Notes to install from

I am using this bootstring:
defbootstr ahslink=ATAPI

It works fine until I have to choose the installation media. In the Notes
step 6 describes that I have to choose "SCSI CD-ROM".

When I do so the only answer is that I do not have a SCSI adapter!

What can I do??? It is very urgent.



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