Hardware porting

Hardware porting

Post by Ryu » Sat, 25 May 2002 22:02:58

Please get me info. regarding linux hardware porting
especially com port control.



Hardware porting

Post by Dances With Crow » Sun, 26 May 2002 09:37:50

On Fri, 24 May 2002 22:02:58 +0900,  Ryu staggered into the Black Sun
and said:

Quote:> Please get me info. regarding linux hardware porting
> especially com port control.

Please be more specific about what it is that you want to do.  Also,
please check out
http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/Serial-Programming-HOWTO/index.html , which
contains detailed information about using the serial port from C
programs in Linux.  Also check out the source code for programs
like minicom , which talks directly to the serial port.  Please read
http://tuxedo.org/~esr/faqs/smart-questions.html , which talks about how
to ask good questions in a technical forum.  Google is a great place to
find information on general topics--really, for a question like this,
you should've Searched The Fine Web before posting questions in a
newsgroup.  HTH,

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1. Reading/writing from/to hardware ports with gcc and linux

In DOS, I have "inportb" and "outportb" for reading and writing to a
specific hardware address.  I have been trying with zero luck to find a
way to do this with gcc and linux.  I know that it is more difficult in
linux, since the os is much better protected, but surely there is a
standard function for doing this isn't there??  

Please help, I'm desperate!


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