kernel panic w/1.3.6..Barfing on HD's

kernel panic w/1.3.6..Barfing on HD's

Post by Jonathan McKinn » Mon, 03 Jul 1995 04:00:00

I dont know if this has already been talked about, but here goes..

I went from 1.2.8 to 1.3.6 and upon restart after the tape allocated
buffers I got something like this:(didn't log it for some reason)

hda: USING ALT???? INSTEAD OF ????

It repeated this message a bit and then

did it for hdb

It didn't display the usual ide0 irq14 line thing

Things continued till near the end and the kenal paniced for disk reasons.

My setup is this:

P90 EISA Intel
DC5030 by promise pci caching controller
2 WD30001 the 1 gig things

That's the important stuff.  I have NEVER had anything like this type of
problem.  In fact never any problems that were not caused by me.

Hope someone has a solution or guide.




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I am installing slackware 3.0, kernel 1.2.13 from an ATAPI CD-ROM.
My system is a Zeos 90Mhz Pentium with 16 MB Ram and two hard drives.
I am installing LINUX on the 850 MB hard drive.  After booting
with the idecd boot disk, I simply hit enter when the boot: prompt
appears.  When the system prompts for a root disk, I insert the
root disk and hit <enter>.  However the message "corrupted input"
appears and the system hangs with the message indicating a kernel
panic.  I was able to partially correct the problem by entering
"mount root=/dev/fd0" at the boot: prompt.  The system then appears to
work fine.  I am able to install all the files, create swap space, etc.
However, when I am prompted to make a LILO disk, the system hangs and
scrolls the message "ls:  can't load dynamic linker '/lib/' and
hangs.  I am unable to come up with a solution and would appreciate
any help from anyone who is familiar with this problem.

David J. Blackstone
Northwestern University, Evanston, IL.   USA

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