VTxxx Dumb Terminals

VTxxx Dumb Terminals

Post by Dan Moor » Fri, 26 Jul 1996 04:00:00

When did you get this message?  I must have sent this a few months ago!

Quote:> Normal mode at 9600 baud should update the screen in about 1.5 seconds.
> Slow mode will probably take 3-4 seconds.

I think it was about 1.5 seconds (broke my RGB cable and haven't fixed it
yet).  I just know that my 2400 baud modem refreshed much faster than
this 9600, though the compression might have had something to do with it.

Quote:> Could this be your problem.


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1. VTxxx Dumb Terminals

hmm, can't help you there... been a long time since I've run a terminal
with my linux box (and that was a series of vt220's, not 240's)
Seem to remember if you have smooth scrolling on rather than normal
jump scrolling, everything appeared slower- you could try that...

try comp.sys.dec.micro, you may be able to get some info from there.
(it's pretty useless in the UK due to everything expiring too quickly)

see my answer to part (b)
you could always write off to DEC too, always worth a try...
alt.folklore.computers can occasionally give good info too...

you can pick up nasty 8-bit ISA cards with 4 ports on for a few
pounds, but they really aren't worth it. I was thinking of adding
more ports to my system at one time, but then decided there really
just wasn't any point...

(I did run two serial controllers in the one system for quite a while,
giving four ports, and that worked happily)



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