S3 964 Diamond Stealth 64, ATI Mach 64 and Gateway Vivitron 1776 - Help!!!

S3 964 Diamond Stealth 64, ATI Mach 64 and Gateway Vivitron 1776 - Help!!!

Post by shell.. » Sun, 17 Sep 1995 04:00:00

I'm kinda new to Linux but had some time under my belt with this OS so
I thought I'd do some experimenting.

I had X-Windows setup with my Gateway/ATI  Mach 64 GX (according to Windoze95
it VRAM). When I opened up several apps in this order 'xfm', Netscape, and*pit
everthing came up OK but I would get color shifts when switching from app to app.
When I tried starting apps up in this order Netscape,*pit and then 'xfm' I would get
some kind of response saying something like 'not enough colors to display icons'.
And sure enough, the icons in 'xfm' would not diplay.

I assumed that one of the possible causes of this was that I was running at
1280x1024 8bpp. I tried editing my XF86Config file so the 8bpp section was
removed and could not get any X-Window display for 16bpp.

I figured that one of the possible reasons for this to occur was becuse the graphics
card did not have enough memory to display more than 8bpp. I also though I read
that you can't display more than 8bpp with the ATI card. Is this true?

So I happened to get my hands on a Diamond Stealth 64 (S3 964) w/4MB VRAM
card. I have read that support for Diamond products and Linux is not that great but
saw some workarounds in the various README's.

With the Diamond card when I startx I get nothing but a white screen. I saw the adds
for MetroX in the Linux Journal and read the review on this product and though that
this was the answer to my problem. I got it, installed it and selected virtually
every possible resolution and bpp possible.

It seemed to work OK at low res but anything above 800x600 displays 'stuff' all over the
screen and broken or distorted text in the dialog boxes. Is there a way to solve this
problem? If the best I can get with the Stealth 64 card is 8bpp (even with MetroX)
I'd be better of with my Mach 64 card at 8bpp (I'd save 100 bucks) and the stuff I
have to do in Windoze95 would take a little longer to display).

Of course, if MetroX would allow me to display 16bpp or 32bpp at 1280x1024
with the Mach 64 card it might be worth keeping. Can anybody offer any suggestions
or help?



S3 964 Diamond Stealth 64, ATI Mach 64 and Gateway Vivitron 1776 - Help!!!

Post by Blake J. Shellma » Sun, 17 Sep 1995 04:00:00

OK I did some more experimenting with my XF86Config setup and got it to work
for the Diamond Stealth 64 card. I guess I just had to look deeper in the
README.S3 to find out which RAMDAC and Clockchip to use.

But I can still only get 8bpp at 1280x1024. How do I switch to 1024x768
Or am I just asking for too much.

BTW, this was with just the standard XFree86 and not MetroX.