What's a fast x86 Linux configuration?

What's a fast x86 Linux configuration?

Post by James D. Levin » Fri, 25 Apr 1997 04:00:00

I intend to retire my venerable P5-60 as soon as I can find a
replacement.   Can anyone comment on any of the below?  I have
ideas of what to buy, but few data points to confirm anything.

First, has anyone seen any benchmarks on the relative performance
of a P6 vs. P5 at a given clock rate?  I have my eye on the P6, if
it's really faster.  I once heard a figure of 1.6x the P5 for 32-bit
software -- is that accurate?  Do I need to build Linux with
special optimizations to get full performance, or perhaps that's
the gcc default??

What's the best memory to use?  I've noticed 10ns DIMMs (SDRAM?)
for sale at around the same price as 60ns EDO DRAM.  I've also noticed
several motherboards with DIMM slots - can I put the two together
and say goodbye to wait states?

Any recommendations on motherboards and chipsets?  My local Fry's
has a Tyan dual P6 motherboard for around $450.  I assume I should
get the 440fx chipset, but are there any hidden gotcha's or
considerations I should know about?  Should I even care about
things like USB or FireWire at this point?

I have my eye on the Matrox Milennium and Adaptec
2940UW -- any opinion of the throughput & compatibility of either of
these?  Any good alternatives?

This is a development workstation -- I'm hoping to improve compile
times over my 32MB P5 by a factor of 5x to 10x.

Comments and suggestions are much appreciated.  



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