CMI8330 card using IRQ 11, sndconfig won't work with that!

CMI8330 card using IRQ 11, sndconfig won't work with that!

Post by Hendy » Tue, 12 Oct 1999 04:00:00

Sorry about the cross-posting....
Redhat 6.0, 2.2.5 kernel, Celeron 400, 64MB RAM, newbie. Any ideas?

mv /mnt/win98 /dev/null :)


1. CMI8330 - sndconfig won't configure

sndconfig doesn't want to set up my CMI8330 chipset, anyone any ideas? The
error I'm getting refers to "ad1816.o" or something similar (sorry, I'm at
work and not at the relevant computer at the moment. Just thought I'd try a
quick enquiry between hectic moments.

No matter what I do sndconfig just sits there and tells me that something is
already in use (to do with the file mentioned above). Even if I remove all
the sound drivers using modprobe, it still won't do anything useful. I did
have an OSS commercial driver for it but I lost the licence file. I saw the
option in sndconfig and thought I'd have a go. Guess I thought wrong.

Any help appreciated


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