compaq ap200 keyboard lock-up on boot

compaq ap200 keyboard lock-up on boot

Post by Joseph Marti » Sat, 23 Jan 1999 04:00:00

Hi there.

I have a Compaq AP200 server to set up for Linux, and some sticky
points have been found:

1) Keyboard dies during early kernel start.  The keyboard identifies
   itself as a DeLL QuietKey, 101+ with the two extra Windows95 keys.

   I boot the kernel from a LILO prompt.  Never has the keyboard failed
   to work at this time.  I type in the name of the kernel to start,
   and it starts.

   Sometimes, upon booting the 2.0.35 kernel, the keyboard dies early
   on in the kernel initialization.  It seems to coincide with an
   inordinate amount of time spent in the kernel initialization early
   on.  At first it would happen after a message that 16 RAM disks
   were being made.  The system would pause, and I try the Caps-lock
   key, and it would be dead.

   I removed the RAM disk support, and problem went away for a few
   reboots.  Today it happened again, after the message for the RTC
   initialization, the pause, no Caps-lock, no keyboard.

   I removed the RTC support.  It still happened, but this time after
   the message for serial port initialization: the long pause, no Caps
   lock, no keyboard.

   I have noticed that if I hit the Caps-lock key twice before typing
   in the kernel label (on and then off), then the problem seems to
   go away.  I just tried it a few times.  That is interesting, since
   it is the Caps-lock key that I use to see if the keyboard hasn't
   died during startup.

   The indication of a failure is that near the beginning of the kernel
   init, there is a pause of about 3 seconds, maybe more.  Every time
   this has happened, the keyboard is dead.  No errors are given about
   the keyboard, but the /proc/interrupts shows no activity on IRQ 1,
   labeled for keyboard, and there doesn't seem to be anything else on
   the IRQ.

   I have diff'ed the dmesg output from a failed start and an OK start,
   and they are identical.

   Any ideas?  It looks like an interrupt problem or maybe a keyboard
   initialization problem.

2) The video card is an AGP (on the PCI bus) Elsa Gloria Synergy,
   which uses a Texas Instruments TVP4020 chip.  I haven't seen
   any support for this chip and SuperProbe reports unknown SVGA.
   I see references to TVP30xx chips in XF86_{Mach64,S3,SVGA} and
   SuperProbe, and yet when I look at the XFree86 site, I see no
   mention of any TVP chips.

   Does anyone know how much work it will take to support the TVP4020
   on AGP?  If there is no work underway, what can I do to make some

Please let me know if you can help on either of these.

Joseph Martin


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Nope.  That doesn't work either.  My Microsoft "Natural" keyboard locks up,

A workaround I do is to specify "vga=ask" on the boot prompt line.  If I do
that, and then answer the prompt on boot, the keyboard doesn't lock up. (?!?!)

This is with a Compaq Deskpro EN Series system.

I'm still hoping for some better workarounds.


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