Printer compatibility?

Printer compatibility?

Post by Christopher Qual » Thu, 11 Jun 1998 04:00:00


Does anyone have any experience with the
HP Office jet 500 or the Canon Multipass
C300 with Linux? They are multipurpose
fax/printer/copier machines. I am only
interested in printing w.r.t Linux. Does
anyone know if the gs drivers for "similar"
HP or Canon printers would suffice? What
about color?

Any input would be much appreciated.



1. printer compatibility

Hi all,

Just a quick question.

I have just bought an Epson stylus printer.   I am going to install
freebsd soon and i was wondering if a had made a bad choice with the
printer.  Are the Epson printers compatible, or is there a compatability
list anywaere for freebsd.

Thanks in advance

Dave frost

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