another with problems on adaptec 294x....

another with problems on adaptec 294x....

Post by cocilova danie » Thu, 20 Apr 1995 04:00:00

hello to everibody...I'm the last with problems with 294x, I've found
only a good solution and is the bootdisk for slackware on REMUS... it
works and finally I've installed my linux box...but:
I can't recompile my kernel and so for example I can't use my mouse and
other devices.
I tried to patch with the patch files on remus linux sources 1.2.4 and
1.2.1 and 1.1.95 but during the compilation I've an error that sounds
like 'don't know how to make aic7770_dep, I'm not a good programmer so I
can't solve the problem.

Someone knows where I can found a working patch ? or in alternative were
is a patched kernel in source format ?

thanks in advance


1. Adaptec 294x problem


    I'm trying to install FreeBSD off the Walnut Creek CD-ROM, and I'm
not getting very far.

The installation program isn't correctly identifying my SCSI controller
(an adaptec 294x).
The following message is in the system logs during the PCI scan:

pci0:9:1: Adaptec, device=0x7895, class=storage(scsi) int a irq 10 [no
driver assigned]
pci0:9:1: Adaptec, device=0x7895, class=storage(scsi) int b irq 10 [no
driver assigned]

No scsi driver = no hard disk = no installation.

Are there any tricks to force a driver on the scsi controller?




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