Mitsumi CD-ROM driver installation help needed

Mitsumi CD-ROM driver installation help needed

Post by tari.. » Wed, 26 Jul 1995 04:00:00

I'm running Slackware 2.2.0 and I've just upgraded the kernel from 1.2.8
to 1.2.11.  The upgrade seems to work fine except for one message I get
at bootup which I don't like and don't know how to fix.  I specifically
answered yes to iso9660 support when I compiled, but every time I reboot
I still see the message 'mount: fs iso9660 not supported by this filesystem'
What filesystem do I need?

Also, temporarily putting aside that problem, I decided to attempt and
install the CD-ROM driver.  I decided to start with the
mitsumi-fast.tar.gz file but I couldn't find any documentation on how to
install these, so I guessed.  I un-archived it so that the two source
files went into the appropriate directories with the kernel source code,
overwriting the mitsumi drivers that were in there.  Then I recompiled the
kernel, answering yes to IDE/ATAPI CDROM support and ISO9660 support, and
selected the default mitsumi drive when asked what type of cdrom I had.  
This normally wouldn't be the right one to choose since it's not ATAPI, but
since I overwrote the old source files, I did it.  To shorten things up,
compiling bombed out when it got to the cdrom drivers.  Obviously I guessed
wrong, so could someone tell me how to install these or where to look for
the documentation?



Mitsumi CD-ROM driver installation help needed

Post by Dan Tayl » Thu, 03 Aug 1995 04:00:00

The important item here is: Is this a Mitsumi 4x?

If the answer is yes, clean-up your source tree, verify your
HW config, compile in IDE/ATAPI CDROM support (Skip Mitsumi supp)
and party on. else keep reading.

The files as they come in the standard kernel for Mitsumi
proprietary CD's work OK. You may have to edit mcd.c to
change your settings (or put boot param's in LILO) if you aRE
using non/std IRQ/DMA/IO.

This has worked well for me with a single spin Mitsumi for a good
while, with every kernel since 1.2.0. (Currently 1.3.12)


1. Plug&Play Linux installation help (using Mitsumi quad speed CD-ROM Drive)


I just bought a Pentium-90 with a quad speed Mitsumi CD-ROM drive.
I am in the process of installing (at least attempting) Linux
from the Plug&Play Linux from Walnut Creek.

I got the boot floppy made and during boot, it does not recognize the
CD-ROM drive as mitsumi. I also tried to boot with " linux mcd=0x01f0,14 "
still it complains saying "No Mitsumi drive found" (or something like that).
Then it goes on trying several options (mostly NEC ....) and times out in each
of the try. However, I do see the CD-ROM drive LED turns on and off during
each try.

CD-ROM is setup as slave on the primary IDE channel. It works find with DOS and
Windows. The Mitsumi manual claims this drive has the new ATAPI(?) interface.

Now to the final part. P&P Linux CD also came with the runlinux.bat (dosload)
so that one can load linux from DOS. When I try that, the system hangs with
no response. I am stuck )-: .

If this helps the following is my system configuration.

Pentium 90
32Meg RAM
Mitsumi 4X CD-ROM (I think it is FX-something)

I would appreciate any help in this matter. Please e-mail
any response to the following e-mail. Thanks in advance.

PS: I have never used Linux or installed any unix OS.

I do not speak for my employers

 Intel, Corp.

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