Matsushita CR-572 Supported?

Matsushita CR-572 Supported?

Post by Jeffery D. Colli » Fri, 08 Sep 1995 04:00:00

Is the Matsushita CR-572 CDROM supported?  I searched the block drivers
and found that the CR-56x (and various lower model numbers) are
supported (linux 1.2.11).  If a patch is required, please forward
the info.



1. Matshita CR-572 CDROM not recognized by Slackware Install boot disks


I cannot get the boot disks for slackware 3.0 to recognise the Matshita CR-572
CDROM drive that came with my packard bell computer. The drive is conencted to
teh secondary IDE drive and I was of the opinion that it is ATAPI compliant.
Neither the ATAPI boot disk nor the sppcd boot disks seem to recognize it.

I would greatly appreciate the help of someonw taht has got this CDROM

Victor Owuor

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