Help! Funai 2X cdrom & creative adapter

Help! Funai 2X cdrom & creative adapter

Post by Harald H Hanneli » Tue, 01 Oct 1996 04:00:00

Hello out there !
I have a Funai 2X Cdrom connected to a Creative CT1810 ISA card.
I can't get it to work under Linux, could someone help me with that?
I'm currently running kernel 2.0.0
If I use the booting parameter hdc=cdrom, then the card gets detected as
IDE interface 1, but the kernel shouts; idecd = ATAPI (?)
Have anyone heard about any driver for the Funai+Creative assembly?


1. HELP! Funai 2X CDROM & Creative adapter.

I bought a two-speed Cdrom that isn't really an IDE drive, it uses its
own ISA-card. The manufacturer of the drive is FUNAI, and the
interface-card is made by Creative Labs.
I cant get it to work on my box and it's getting pretty annoying to boot
up DOS every time I need the drive ;)
Umm, I HAVE read the FAQ's and HOWTO's 8)
Could someone PLEASE help me?

                  --= Harald =--

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