Archive VP150 Tape - non scsi (402 card)

Archive VP150 Tape - non scsi (402 card)

Post by Steve Mill » Mon, 13 Feb 1995 08:58:47

I have an Archive VP150 tape drive (non scsi) with its own ?402 controller
that worked fine under 0.99p12 but will not work on 1.0.9 or 1.1.59. The
biggest difference I guess was that .99p12 was SLS and the other two
are Slackware. All of the FAQs, HOWTO's and LDP books only talk about
scsi and floppy tape drives. Where can I get help for this one? I know it
worked once upon a time with Linux... I am sure of it...

When I try to back up to the drive it lists a few files (with tar or cpio)
and then freezes up when it goes to actually write them to the tape. I can
reset the tape with /dev/tape-reset, but that is all I can do.

Steve Miller

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Archive VP150 Tape - non scsi (402 card)

Post by Steve Mille » Thu, 16 Feb 1995 23:22:32

Quote:> I guess you've compiled with the QIC02 options, do you have the
> tpqic02.conf stuff from  The kernel config util mentions it
> when you say yes to qic02 dynamic conf.

> Kin Lau

I edited the tpqic02.h in /usr/include/linux (not sure about file name
or location) to give it the correct interupt, address, etc... I also
tried compiling with the dynamic config option but I don't recall
any mention of tpqic02.conf from I will check that out.
Thanks for your help!

BTW, I added an external SCSI tape drive (Archive Viper) and it will not
work either. The drive light comes on briefly and then - nothing. It
freezes up and I can't even kill the tar or cpio process. I can kill the
shell on that terminal and log back in, but the process is still out there.
The scsi tape drive is recognized at boot time correctly and I am using the
/dev/st0 device.

I would sure like to get this system backed up! I am trying to replace
the hard drive but don't want to completely re-install linux from

Steve Miller

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