Compex RL100/ATX and Kernel 2.1.x (or 2.2.0)

Compex RL100/ATX and Kernel 2.1.x (or 2.2.0)

Post by Nenad Oceli » Wed, 27 Jan 1999 04:00:00

I got Compex RL100ATX ethernet card working under kernel 2.0.x using
winbond-840 driver.
However, this driver is unable to find MII PHY when started under kernel
v 2.1.x or 2.2.0.
Is it misconfigured kernel options or the module not designed to work
with new kernels?
I would appreciate any owners of the named card to report their way of
making the card work.

Compex does not support its cards, and Doald BEcker did not reply.. :(


1. Compex RL100/ATX and kernel 2.1.x

My Compex RL100/aTX cards worked fine with kernel 2.0.36 using
winbond-840 module. After I swithced to development kernel (2.1.131)
winbond module could not find MII PHY any more. Same thing with 2.2.0.
Might it be wrong kernel compilation options (PCI, PNP?) or just
winbond-840.o not designed for new kernels?
I would appreciate any suggestions.


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