Need specs for Ikegami 20" monitor

Need specs for Ikegami 20" monitor

Post by Frank W. van Wensve » Tue, 18 Nov 1997 04:00:00

I have an Ikegami monitor, with a label on it that sais: model C/T-20
Rev.F (SP3). There are 5 BNC connectors on the back, labeled R, G, B,
HD/SYNC and VD. There are cables available (I don't have one yet) with
a standard VGA connector on one side and 5 BNC connectors (RGB, Hsync
and Vsync) on the other, so that should be no problem.

However, I need to know which frequencies this monitor can handle. I
understand that it has been used with a TiGa board that could generate
one image resolution only (1600 something horizontal and 1100 or 1200
something vertical) and it's very well possible that this monitor can
only handle one frequency properly.
Can anyone tell me the specs of this monitor in terms of resolution(s)
and frequencies?

I intend to use this monitor with a Linux system using X-windows, and
I think I'll install a Matrox graphics board in this system. Is it
possible to configure the Matrox graphics board so that it will
produce only one frequency for both text and graphics mode? (I
understand that the Matrox boards will accept a lot of settings.) I
already know how to configure X on my Linux system (or at least, I
think I do).

All reactions are greatly appreciated!!