Zoom PCI Dual Modem 56KFlex

Zoom PCI Dual Modem 56KFlex

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Has NE1 been able to get the subject to work in Linux?  Especially RH5.0


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1. Linux , PCI sound cards, Zoom PCI pnp Modems

Just "discovered" linux recently, and until now never even considered the
possibility of wanting to run something other than windows when I
purchased my most recent modem about 6 months ago.... I suspect that I
will have to replace it in order to have net access with Linux.. It is a
Zoom PCI K56Flex (HCF dual mode.)  Anyone attempted to write a driver for
this modem? Nowhere in the literature or box did it say winmodem, but I
suspect that it might not even be possible to make it work in Linux..

How about a pci sound card-I believe it supports legacy sb16, right
address, memory and irq, but it is a pci no name 4D card...
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