Dell Latitude Neomagic / Linux

1. Linux on Dell Latitude 133 Notebook (NeoMagic)

I am about to install Linux on a Dell Latitute 133 Notebook which has (as
far as I can tell) a NeoMagic MagicGraph 128 chipset.  I have the included
touch pad mouse (Synaptics, I think.)  I have heard that Xfree86 does not
support NeoMagic.  What are my X-alternatives, and what are things I
should watch out for?

I have succesfully installed Linux (Red Hat 4.2, kernel 2.0.30, Xfree86)
on a no-name desktop PC with a Trident TGUI9680 chipset (I took me a while
to get this chipset to work with X).


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