Maxi Sound Home Studio Pro

Maxi Sound Home Studio Pro

Post by Noden » Thu, 24 Feb 2000 04:00:00

Hi everyone,
I'm trying to configure a Maxi Sound Home Studio Pro sound card (one
ess1868 chip, + one sam9407 chip for the DSP).
It worked well with OSS/Free, but is there anyone who succedeed in
setting it up with Alsa ? (for example, using the es18xx alsa module +
sam9407 driver from Gerd Raush ?) Full Duplex would be appreciated, as
I'm a musician...

1. Maxi Sound Home Studio Pro, Alsa

Hi everyone,
I'm the proud owner of a Maxi Sound Home Studio Pro 64 (from Guillemot)
and linux user. I set it up with OSS/Free (using both sb module for the
ess1868 codec and sam9407-0.9.4 for the DSP) with some difficulties, but
it worked. Then I tried Alsa (I'm a musician and I really need full
duplex) but, hey, harder to configure. all modules are loaded, but when
I trie to play a sound (or a midi file or whatever), it returns me
something like "/dev/sequencer is not installed". Alsa is just for the
ess1868 chip, so I don't care of the sam9407 driver for now. Has anyone
configured an ess1868 with the latest version of ALSA ? what about this
error message ?
thanks in advance,


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