Northbridge: how do I program it?

Northbridge: how do I program it?

Post by Alan Donova » Thu, 17 Feb 2000 04:00:00

I'm writing a driver for a bit of custom hardware with a PLX9050 PCI
(slave) bridge chip. I understand that I can use the Northbridge on the
motherboard to do bus mastering for my driver's DMA needs. However I can
find very little information
(in both the kernel code and on the web) on how to program it.

I have found out the names of various actual Northbridge
implementations, (e.g. Intel 440 HX) but I need to know which features
are portable to another motherboard and which are features of one
particular Northbridge implementation.

Anyone got any pointers?  Specs for standard Northbridge would be great;
sample code even better.



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