-> 4GB backup w/tapes $175/bo/trade

-> 4GB backup w/tapes $175/bo/trade

Post by Chris Williams » Tue, 15 Oct 1996 04:00:00


Is that QIC-80 drive taking forever to backup?
This screamer's 54MB/minute transfer rate will dump that 1GB drive in minutes!
4GB (compressed) capacity assures you can put each backup on a single tape!

It is a QIC-3080 SCSI-2 internal unit that fits in a 1" high 3-1/2" bay.
Picture and specs are at http://www.conner.com/TapeStorSCSI_IDEminicart.html
It works great, but I bought a recordable CD unit and need help recouping
the costs for it and cannot afford both for backups.

Plus, rather than negotiate for the tapes and software seperately, I will
just include the Arcada Deluxe backup sofware for Win95 and Conner Exec s/w
for DOS and Win 3.1.  Also works with bundled backup for NT and Linux.

Tape unit originally cost me:
SCSI tape unit         $499
4 tapes                $100
Arcada deluxe software $90
Total cost:            $700

I will consider trades for a scanner, video monitor, or other equipment.
Available for pickup in Boulder or will ship COD.


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