AGP 4X Video Card Recommendation for Pentium 4

AGP 4X Video Card Recommendation for Pentium 4

Post by Don Corle » Sat, 26 May 2001 18:31:42

I'm running RedHat 7.1 on a 1.7GHz Pentium 4.

My Nvidia TNT2 card works, but the screen has an annoying flicker
(the screen seems to shift right and left by one pixel).

This same card works smoothly on my Pentium 3 800MHz AGP4X system.

Is there any AGP 4X card that works well with a Pentium 4?



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Hi everyone,

I am in the process of selecting an AGP video card for a new computer
I am looking for recommendations...  I plan to use it with a 19" monitor
at 1600x1200.  The requirements are good XFree support and sharp images
and text
at the abovementioned resolution.  I will probably use it with 16bit
color---I can't see the difference wrt 24bit :-(.  I don't care for
speeds or TV in/out.  OpenGL acceleration would be nice but not
and I can't spend a fortune... (if I save enough, I might be able to get

Thank you!


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