!!! Intel Express Pro 10 !!! HELP!!!!!!

!!! Intel Express Pro 10 !!! HELP!!!!!!

Post by Wei-yao L » Tue, 10 Aug 1999 04:00:00

halo there!

I have a small network home (6 computers). I use FreeBSD
and redhat. and all machine using Intel Express Pro 10 as the NIC.
It runs just fine. and we all happy with it!
2 weeks ago, i try to change my freebsd box to redhat 6. Everyghing
is fine except the network doesnt work. It detects the eepro, but
it will crash the machine when loading the module (or when try to
autoprob the card) WHY is that? so i guess it is the card problem.
therefor i change to a new card, and same problem....

do i miss somehting? can anyone help please!?



1. NEED HELP making Intel Ether Express pro 10 work with Linux!!


        Title basically said it all.
        Any help or pointer to a FAQ will really be appreciated.




Robert S Hidajat

Friley 2242 Godfrey
Ames, Iowa 50012-0001


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