Does anyone have a Digital Satellite TV Card (in the UK)?

Does anyone have a Digital Satellite TV Card (in the UK)?

Post by Daniel Conro » Fri, 04 Jun 2004 01:16:22

Does anyone have experience of using a Digital Satellite TV card, such as
the Pinnacle PCTV SAT, or the Hauppauge Nexus-S cards?

I am hoping to build a media PC - partly for fun/experience of doing it, and
partly for it's usefulness.
I have looked at Digital Terrestrial cards but there aren't really any
channels that interest me - so I would never have anything that I want to
record to Hard Disk/DVD anyway.

I do have Sky Digital - and thought a satellite TV card would be more useful
to me - but from one review I found of the pinnacle card, it seems you
cannot actually recieve many sky digital channels, because Sky use some
special scrambling technique which one of these cards cannot descramble.

Please - if anyone has one of these cards, or any reliable info/websites
could you let me know? I need to know exactly what I would be able to
recieve - ie. which channels I would get.

I am mainly looking to get non-pay channels such as Paramount comedy and
E4 - which are not available on terrestrial, but according to the review I
read it said that even ITV and Channel5 are scrambled on sky digital.



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