Mylex bt-952 scsi board: some easy questions

Mylex bt-952 scsi board: some easy questions

Post by Dick Repas » Wed, 09 Sep 1998 04:00:00

I have a couple of easy questions about the Mylex bt-952 that I haven't
been able to find answers for on the web. I thought that I'd try here.

1) Is the board supported under the linux Buslogic scsi driver, or is the
   linux driver available from the company.

2) Narrow scsi devices don't seem to be mentioned explicitly on Mylex's
   web page that describes the 952, but scsi-1 is.  Does that mean that
   narrow devices such as jaz drives can be attached?

3) The 952 is available in two packages: bt-952 which seems to include only
   the board and kt-952 wich includes user's manual, cables and drivers.  
   The user's manual, divers are available on the web in encrypted form.
   Are these available to anyone who has bought a board (bt-952), or are
   they available as updates only to people who have bought the kit (kt-952)?

4) How well does the bt-952 perform?  I have a bt-946c that has been just




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1. SCSI, two BT-958 or one BT-952?

I'm planning a machine that will serve as a NFS server for an 8 machine
beowulf cluster.  To start with I was planning on getting 4 ultrastar 9ZX
drives spread across two scsi channels.  It looks like I can either get two
BT-958 cards, or a dual channel BT-952 card.  The 958s would cost about $310
total, vs $180 for the 952, but in light of the whole cost of the server, it's
no big deal.  The 952 would save a PCI slot, which would be very nice, since I
might otherwise need to get one ISA ethernet card (plus 2 PCI net cards).

So the 952 seems obvious, but it's a flashpoint card.  How is linux flashpoint
support?  I've been using multimaster cards for years, and they work great.
Will the greater CPU overhead of the flashpoint make a difference for an NFS
server?  This will be a dual CPU system, how well tested is flashpoint with
SMP?  I know some device drivers get unstable under SMP.
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