Trident 968x & TFT HHEELLPP!!

Trident 968x & TFT HHEELLPP!!

Post by Andrew G. Minic » Fri, 01 Jan 1999 04:00:00

I have a problem with configuring X11.
I have LapTop Mitac 5033T with Trident 968X video card and 800x600 LCD
panel. I have bought RedHat 5.0 (Russian version, something as "Krasnaya
shapochka"), and when i try to configure X11 (whith "Xconfigurator") I set
up right video card an "Custom monitor"whith standart refresh, and when i
type 'startx' I don't see anymore, and in XF86Config file in section
Device I see "My video card", may be "Xconfigurator" is "One big bug and
it not work properly, or  I nothing to understand in this thing? I thy to
configure manualy  whis file XF86Config and tru many standart "Modeline":
56 Hz, 60 Hz, 72 Hz (from README.Monitor) and no one is right!
Pleas HELP me!!

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For a computer with a Trident TGUI 9660/968x/968x that is detected by
Red Hat 7.3 ( using the setup program ), after completing the XF86
installation, the screen goes blank.

ctrl-atl-bcksp does not release.

must power down to reboot ( i think ).


also, does setup detect the video card memory?  i keep selecting 1mb
because thats what the cursor selects...could setting the wrong amount
of memory cause the problem, or is this card just so old and useless
that i should pop a new cheapo vide card in the box.

it's a dev machine at work so i really don't want to spend money on

thanking you in advance....

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