Cyrix 386 upgrade : Cx486DRx2

Cyrix 386 upgrade : Cx486DRx2

Post by Emmanue » Wed, 31 Mar 1999 04:00:00


I use an old 386DX/33 upgraded with a Cyrix Cx486DRx2.
This chipset require a patch to enable its internal cache.

A patch, called CxPatch30, do it for Linux 1.x
(the patch code is integrated in the kernel)

Is there a patch to do it with Linux 2.0 ?

Thank you


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        That's it: I'm getting a Cyrix upgrade chip (cheep) for my
386dx25, and I'm wondering if it'll work. Someone told me the internal
cache has to be turned on via a software driver; is there one for Linux
(hah)? Will there be any other hassles? Is this worth it? I'm only paying
US$50 for it, and I can resell it if it bombs completely.....

        Thanks for any info you care to share,
                 T \ /

                 A / \

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