Visioneer Paperport 3100B Scanner

Visioneer Paperport 3100B Scanner

Post by William B. Cattel » Fri, 26 Mar 1999 04:00:00

I have this scanner and have it working under NT 4.0.  I'd like to cut
over to Linux but I'm wondering if I can get this going under Linux.
It's a parallel port scanner.

Does anyone have this scanner (or a similar parallel port scanner)
working under Linux and what are the steps to get it working?  TIA.

Bill Cattell


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is this feed scanner supported under linux with a serial connect?
with scsi?  i have a bunch i got free and would like to build
kiosk-like machines for autoscanning for this project.  naturally i
would rather use linux than windoze!  *grin*


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