DTC 3280 SCSI driver success?

DTC 3280 SCSI driver success?

Post by Brian Moy » Wed, 25 Oct 1995 04:00:00

I recently purchased a used DTC 3280 SCSI controller.  Though I originally
intended to use it under DOS, I thought I'd see if I could get it to  work
under Linux.  I scanned through the SCSI-HOWTO to find myself confronted
with some discouraging text.  It appears the DTC 3280 is one of the few cards
that will never be supported under Linux.  Has anybody had any luck writing
their own drivers for this card?  Any pointers or suggestions would be quite
helpful (my SCSI expertise is rather limited, but growing).


-Brian Moyle


1. DTC 3280 SCSI Controller

Is there a driver or a workaround for the DTC 3280 SCSI Controller.
It appears it's one of those controllers that noone supports (due
to some NDA with DTC).  Is there something available, or do I get
to replace my card?  I've checked the FAQ, and I know what *it* says;
I'm looking for another possible solution.  

Note: This is posted to the Linux and BSD question groups.  I'm not
particular to either os; if neither work, it's a moot point!

Posting is fine.  I try to keep up with both of 'em.




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