Performance of Linux/SPARC-20

Performance of Linux/SPARC-20

Post by Sara Roune » Fri, 25 Apr 1997 04:00:00

I have a SPARC-station 20 at work, and we will soon be phasing it out.
I already know that Redhat distributes a version of Linux that runs on
SPARC CPUs .... and I'm fairly confident that the SS-20 is supported.
I'm thinking about buying it from the company.

What I'm after are reports of performance of Linux running on a
SPARC-station 20 (32MB).  Is it going to be any faster than my P-100
(16MB) at home??  I do quite a bit of development in C, and I'm now
learning to write X apps ... so I'll mostly be running
compilers/de*s, (plus Netscape, and PPP to my provider) if that's
any help.

Is there a web page with this information already summarized?

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1. Sparc 5 vs Sparc 10 vs Sparc 20

New to the group, so please be easy on me.

Here's my question:

Is there a performance difference between a 5, 10, or 20?  During a
recent exercise we conducted, that users were complaining about their
clients being too slow.  They asked to be upgraded to a Sparc 20 to
alleviate their woes.  Walking around doing a dmesg grep -i cpu, we
found that the 5's or 10's actually had a faster processor than the
20's.  Sometimes the RAM was higher on the 20's, sometimes not.   Is
there some sort of performance rating on different models published
somewhere?  Or is it dependent on the architecture of the box itself?
My suggestion was to walk around and pencil in an extra 0 on the case
so they'd think they had a higher model !  Customer service!!

If this is too vague, please let me know and I'll try to be as
specific as I can without compromising security.

(no certifications as of yet)

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