Linux Sparc Boxes - Great Prices - Even Co-Location! from $85.00

Linux Sparc Boxes - Great Prices - Even Co-Location! from $85.00

Post by Byron MIlle » Thu, 29 Apr 1999 04:00:00

Hello Everyone.

I just wanted to let you know i got some sparc hardware and will be setting
up linux on these boxes and offering them.

I have several IPX, IPC, Sparc 1's, 2's and Sparc 10
and Sparc 5 boxes available.

I will be installing the latest redhat release on each box. Boxes with color
graphics boards will have Xfree86 installed also.

If you are interested in a Sparc LINUX box, drop me an email.

I'm also offering some web co-location for these boxes. If you would like to
have your own dedicated sparc web server running linux, i will be happy to
help you get up and running. These boxes can handle many
hits and are perfect for people wanting dedicated hardware to have control
of there site.


Sparc 1, 16 megs memory, 250 meg scsi  drive - 85.00 + shipping and
handling. Or co-locate this
as a web server on our high speed multi-homed network (contact me for

I can upgrade/mix/match hardware to match your
own configuration.