Upgraded from Intel Pentium 200MMX to AMD K6-2 400 3dNOW (Problems)

Upgraded from Intel Pentium 200MMX to AMD K6-2 400 3dNOW (Problems)

Post by Ralph Allan Ric » Wed, 30 Jun 1999 04:00:00

I had some trouble using Redhat 5.1.  A couple weeks ago, I upgraded my
computer from a Pentium 200MMX to a AMD K6-2 400 with a FIC 2013? 100mhz
motherboard with 64 MB RAM.  This evening was the third or fourth time I
seen Linux since the upgrade, but it hung without displaying a message.  The
logs had nothing in them dating tonight.  So I reboot, it does it's system
checks, and tries to repair any lost clusters from an improper mount.
Again, the machine crashes, while doing the repair, asking me for the root
password or to hit control-D to reboot.  I hit control-D, and I get it to
reboot.  After another file system check, it finally gets to the login
screen. I log in and try to run an app and it freezes.

My question is:  Was I suppose to do something (recompile kernel, adjust any
settings, etc) BEFORE I upgraded to an AMD chip?

BTW,  the other hardware that was in the previous machine ( A WinModem ) was
removed. It now has a USR Sportster 28.8 external.  The non-SB sound card
was left.

Any leads?



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