Linux on Laptop XGA -- any advise?

Linux on Laptop XGA -- any advise?

Post by Timothy Fredri » Wed, 12 Nov 1997 04:00:00

I would like to buy a laptop PC with XGA (1024x768) display
and am particularly interested in the WinBook XL 233 MHz
Tillamook machine.

Of course I want to run Linux on it :-) and am wondering if
anyone has any specific information on the Winbook XL, what
it's video and PCMCIA chipsets are, whether Linux and XFree86
have been run on it (I'd also accept a solution that utilizes
AcceleratedX from Xinside), etc.

Alternatively, are there other PC's in the $3K range that
would provide and XGA display and run Linux?


1. Linux/X11 for PS/2's (with IBM SCSI and XGA or XGA-2)

I developed a driver for IBM MCA SCSI subsystem and had Linux running on my
PS/2 model 70 for few weeks, including  X windows (XF86AGX  X server version
3.1.2 utilizing IBM XGA-2 adapter).

My IBM SCSI is a plug-in adapter (without cache).  

I posted a package  /pub/Linux/Incoming/ps2scsi.tgz at
If you have a suitable PS/2, give it a try. The package contains:

readme.1st      ....    describes Linux installation and X11 config
readme.2nd     ....    describes how to build a PS/2 kernel with the driver
readme.3rd      ....   only for owners of Cx486DRx2 processors
vmlinuz              ....   1.2.13 elf kernel with the driver
ibmmca.c          ....    source for IBM MCA SCSI driver
ibmmca.h          ....    header for the driver

Use Slackware 3.0 (or other distribution based on 1.2.13 kernel). I usually
install direct from CD, but I have had occasional problems with CD-ROM, in
which case installation from c:\slakware also works.

Using readme.2nd and the source, you can build a 1.3.xx kernel.

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