Help! Compaq Q-vision EISA 1024 Graphics card!

Help! Compaq Q-vision EISA 1024 Graphics card!

Post by Jeong Hu » Wed, 09 Aug 1995 04:00:00

Is there anybody who runs linux with Compaq Q-vision EISA 1024 graphics card?

I have Compaq DeskPro 66M(486Dx2 66Mhz) with 24 Mb system ram, 510 Mb Conner
IDE hard drive, and a graphics card mentioned above.  The monitor I have is NEC
5FG connected with the system via 5connector BNC cable.

I have read the Linux manual many many times to find out if my graphics card
works with Linux, especially with X-windows.  The only mentioned graphics card
from Compaq in the manual is Compaq AVGA card.

I have called compaq technical support several times to ask if my graphics card
works with Linux.  However, their answers were not clear, also, even some of
the technicians sound they do not know about Linux.  One technician even told
me just install Linux and play with the refresh rate and frequency(?) and the
software(Linux)will not hurt the hardware at all.  He said just install and see
what happened. Another technician said, "Because Q-vision is better graphics
card than Compaq AVGA, it should work with Linux without any problem as long as
the linux manual says Compaq AVGA works".

Since I have seen a monitor's cable was burning and smoking at one of my
friend's place when he tried to install Linux to his system at the first time,
I am very nerveous about the graphics card.

If anyone knows about any information of the Compaq Q-vision EISA 1024 graphics
card(I have 1 Mb ram on it) related with Linux insallation, please lt me know.

Thank you very much for your time.