NEED TAPEDRIVE Recommendation

NEED TAPEDRIVE Recommendation

Post by Juergen Sau » Thu, 18 Jul 1996 04:00:00

: The standard UNIX backup is tar.  Slow, hard to work with, almost 0 on
: the compression scale, and command line driven.  If you like point and
: click then you won't like tar.  The second is cpio, just as bad.
This point matches native SYS V Unix tar and cpio only.
You may get gnu cpio and gnu tar. (Standard in Linux & NetBSD)
Those Utilities compresses via gnuzip (-z flagged), if required.
Hey Karl, those utilities work for your SunOS too.

: If you are looking at a UNIX platform, don't go cheap.  While FreeBSD,
: and Linux are fairly good systems, they have many problems.
Yes and No.
Depends on the Distribution you have choosen. Most common problems
result if you wanna upgrade across major Version numbers.
        Linux V1.0, 1.1 to 1.2.13 was hard, because the binary
                        exe format changed (a.out to elf).
        Linux V1.2.13 to V2.0 is hard because there are heavy
                        changes with the Systemlibraries and much new
I'm running a old 1.2.13 system at my university with old
a.out binary format and I am pretty happy about stability and
uptimes. Pretty good server.

But you'll have no problems if you start working with a clean
new distribution - avoiding major upgrades.

There are some very good Linux Dirstributions avaible - doesn't cost
much. (RedHat, Caldera (with Commercial support), InfoMagic)

:  If you are going to go this route, take FreeBSD.
Good choice, NetBSD (commercial) is a clean and closed OS.
(A modern Linux too, Caldera is Full supported)



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1. NEED TAPEDRIVE Recommendation

: These people who are giving you suggestions are out of their mind.  The
: simplest, cheapest and most effective backup method is the tape drive.  
: I suggest the Iomega Ditto 3200.  It can store 1,700 megs uncompressed
: or 3,200 megs compressed on a single TR3 Data Tape.  The unit sells for
: under $300.00, and comes complete with a Ditto Dash Accelerator card
: that slides in an empty ISA slot.  You can run the Tape backup off of
: your exsisting floppy drive controller, or for much faster transfer
: rates you can install this accelerator card (comes with the 3200) and
: transfer your data much faster.  Most other tape drives you have to
: purchace the accelerator card seperately.  I have owned my Ditto 3200
: for 6 months now, and backing up my hard drive is extremely easy and
: very fast compared to other tape backup systems.

How does one use this sucker in Linux (with the acceleration card)?  I
suppose ftape for using it from the floppy controller...

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