RH Kernel w/5.1 PPP-built in?

RH Kernel w/5.1 PPP-built in?

Post by Phil » Sat, 11 Jul 1998 04:00:00

Does Red Hat 5.1 have the PPP-software built into the kernel?  I've heard of
a PPP and Internet Configuration program that comes with RH 5.1 Does anyone
know of this?  And if you have a PnP Modem, how do you get it to work with

Thanks a bunch!

1. Building Kernel on RH 5.1 Sparc

Has anyone been able to compile the kernel under RH 5.1?  Where does it put
the compressed image? There is nothing in /arch/sparc/boot after doing a
make boot.

I did find a file called vmlinux in /usr/src/linux, however it was 1.6 MB. I
am assuming this is an uncompressed version of the kernel. I tried booting
from it, but the thing froze up.

Any one have any suggestions for building a kernel on the Sparc?


Brian Fernald

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