AVA-2825 (Adaptec)

AVA-2825 (Adaptec)

Post by Carl Sturtivan » Fri, 07 Nov 1997 04:00:00

I'm new to Linux.

My 486 has the Adaptec AVA-2825 SCSI/EIDE adapter for VLB.
I have an EIDE C: drive, two SCSI drives, a SCSI CD-ROM drive, and a
SCSI tape drive.

I already run DOS/WIN3.1 + WIN95 under V Communication's "System
Commander". I would like to add another drive, and add Linux, and have
access to all existing devices from Linux.

The "Linux Information Sheet" says that only 27xx and 29xx Adaptec cards
are supported. Are there any drivers out there for my card? (2825)

Are there any other obvious problems that my situation suggests?

        Carl Sturtivant


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I have an Adaptec AVA-2825 VL Bus SCSI-2, EIDE, & Floppy
controller installed in my system, and I would like to know if
there is a release of the LINUX kernel that will support this
particular board.

Any information on this would be greatly appreciated...  

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