bttv and wrong audio channel !

bttv and wrong audio channel !

Post by Matthew Barsou » Sun, 06 Feb 2000 04:00:00

Hello there gurus :)

Well, I have an Avermedia98  tuner (with Bt878 chipset and a radio tuner). I
live in Ontario Canada so that implies I have an NTSC tuner (its philips). I
am  running on a recently upgraded mandrake 7.0 distribution (kernel
2.2.14). Anyways.. I got bttv installed and its working perfectly.. well
almost perfectly. With three channels I have some audio problems. Somehow
its not picking up the correct audio setting for each of those channels... I
think its picking up radio frequencies and using that instead of the
channel's frequency, or its using the secondary audio program channel...
does anyone out there know how to solve this problem.

Thank you all in advance.



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Hey all!

Running SuSe 6.3 and I've tried a lot of
things to get the last piece of hardware
going to get me out of 'doze' permanently.
No go so far. Has anyone gotten this card
fully functional? I've managed to get the
sound to work (once), then the channels
refused to change. I gotten the video to
work...multiple times w/ no sound. Tried
different kernels 2.2.12-20 (redhat install),
2.2.13_SuSE, 2.2.14, 2.2.38,.39. newest version
of bttv (refuses to update), newest version of
kwintv (refuses to compile)... in short, I'm
at a loss here. If anyone has made it work with
ANY combination of linux, kernel, apps and can give
me some pointers or a blow by blow I will be
eterally grateful +. Oh yeah, the wintv pci has the radio on it too.
And yes it werks in that other os. NTSC and USA cable.
Let me know any other stats you need to help please.

Thank you for any input.
At the end of my wits here.

~!!~ (Michael)

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