New Motherboard Problem Triton II PCI IDE not probed correctly.

New Motherboard Problem Triton II PCI IDE not probed correctly.

Post by Brian Shea » Tue, 29 Jul 1997 04:00:00

I have upgraded my PC with a new P120 motherboard with onboard PCI IDE
The problem is that Linux/Debian 1.2 (kernel 2.0.27) doesnot correctly
probe the IRQ for the PCI IDE controllers. (Intel 82371SB
Natoma/Triton II PIIX3)
It finds IRQ=5 ???

OK, so I pass the correct values at boot up on the LILO prompt with :-
Linux ide0=0x1f0,0x3f6,14
It detects the correct C/H/S settings from the BIOS.

This gives the following message on booting.
Partition check:
hda:hda: set_geometry_intr:status=0xd0{Busy}
end_request: I/O error, dev 03:00 sector0
unable to read partition table

if I use a ISA IDE controller instead all is well.
Of course I wish to use the faster PCI controllers.

I have Linux on a 400 MB HD on /dev/hdc on a ISA controller.
A new Seagate 3.2 Gb HD on /dev/hda on the PCI controller.
I boot Linux from floppy.
If I try to use cfdisk in Linux I get controller is busy message
for /dev/hda.

If I connect /dev/hdc on the the PCI IDE1 controller it gives the same
error messages on boot up as /dev/hda.

Note /dev/hda is a new HD partitioned with
WIN95       first partition
NT             second partition
and hopefully Linux with what's left over if only I
get it to use the PCI IDE controller.

Can any body help ?
Thanks Brian



1. New triton PCI/IDE motherboard controller

I got a new Pentium motherboard the other day, and tried to install it.
First, I tired my old kernel, made for a dx2-50 VLB motherboard, didnt
work well.. Then I made a bootdisk with 1.2.13 using PCI-support, and it
complained about unknown PCI devices... Ok, I tought, I'll just compile
the latest kernel, which was 1.3.25, saying I had a triton motherboard
IDE controller. It compile alright, doesnt complain about unknown PCI
devices (I have a 1 meg Orchid GFX-card and the onboard-IDEcontroller),
but still all hell brakes loose when I try to access the disks... If I
umount the disks cleanly, it'll boot, but I get all these weird problems
with segmentation fault, etc. Reset, and then it tries to fsck the
disks... No good. I tried 1.3.25 and 1.3.20 too, same problems.

I called my dealer, as he said that this motherboard had been used be
previous customers to run Linux on. He called the guy he bought if from,
and it seems that my motherboard was from a batch of brand new
motherboards, with a new PCI IDE controller... He talked something about
EIDE rev 2 or something like that.

Now, this motherboard is totally useless for running Linux on, so he
agreed to try to replace it with an "older" version of the board.

I'd just like to say this, so the kernel development team can try to make
linux work with this supposedly new controller.

I'm at a friends house right now, but if the person in charge for this
thing could mail me a letter, I can mail back the stats on the card,
chips, etc... The motherboard also has some brand new Plug-And-Play BIOS...

I trashed my root partition trying to get everything to work, it got a
lot of duplicate blocks etc... All hell brakes loose when it tries to
access the disk with kernel panics etc... Luckily I made a backup just
before I started to install the new hardware!

Mikael Abrahamsson

Student vid Institutionen f|r Informatik vid Lunds Universitet, Sweden.

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