lilo, modem, cdrom

lilo, modem, cdrom

Post by brandon youn » Mon, 13 Jan 1997 04:00:00

I installed a cardinal 28.8 fax modem a few months ago.  I have recently
tried to get linux to  recognize it and it doesn't.  I didn't have to do
anything special with the previous modem and it worked.  Also I have
windows 95 and I guess when I installed it it killed lilo.  I have
reinstalled linux since I put on 95 I have installed system commander
because I didn't know if lilo would mess up windows 95.  System
commander finds the partition but won't boot it.  
Finally I was wondering if linux would support an old IDE sony 2X cdrom
like I have.  OH and I used to have a list of all the locations of
additional linux programs you could get and what directories they were
in such as say games emulators utils etc.  I think it was at sunsite do
you know where I could find it.



here is my problem----i have 2 physical hard disks --the primary master
has NT
and the primary slave has LINUX(red hat )--i have LILO boot which has 2
images---x(for linux) and nt.

i wanted to upgrade my linux6.0 to 6.1 and so i booted from the cd-rom ---
but it
would give an error saying that "ext2 file system not found" and would

so---i disconnected my primary master(NT) hdisk and proceeded with the
installation which was successful.

now , at LILO boot when i give X IT SAYS "LOADING X" and seems-
the LILO is not able to relate the X image to the primary slave.

can you help me to set the LILO properly.....i will be very thankful.

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